02/06/2015 07:00 pm

The Buddha and His Legacy

 THE BUDDHA AND HIS LEGACYHeld in conjunction with the Buddhist Library Vesak Celebration on 20 June 2015, Tina Ng will be…

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16/06/2015 07:00 pm

Surfing the Ocean of Equanimity

 Surfing the Ocean of EquanimitySometimes suffering is described as big as an ocean but we can also grow our hearts…

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21/06/2015 09:00 am

Ride the Wheel of Kamma and Rebirth

 Q. Does Rebirth occur when the effects of kamma continue beyond this lifetime? Q. In the light of the Buddhist doctrine…

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07/07/2015 07:00 pm

Path to Freedom

Path to FreedomThere is more freedom and free choices that we could imagine nowadays, however, why do we still feel…

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18/07/2015 01:00 pm

Workshop: Using Mindfulness and Meditation to Calm the Traumatised Mind

Registration is essential. Limited to 15 people only. Safe and Sound Using Mindfulness and Meditation to Calm the Traumatised Mind  Many people have…

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