Special Events

16/04/2015 10:00 am

Daytime Absolute Beginner’s Meditation Course – April/May 2015

 This 4-weeks course led by Patricia Austin is designed for those with no previous training in meditation. In a relaxed…

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19/04/2015 09:00 am

Ride the Wheel of Kamma and Rebirth

 Q. Does Rebirth occur when the effects of kamma continue beyond this lifetime? Q. In the light of the Buddhist doctrine…

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01/05/2015 07:00 pm

Turning Obstacles into Opportunities in Life

 Special Public Talk by Venerable Buddharakkhita from Uganda, Africa. Registration is essential Turning Obstacles into Opportunities in Life Venerable Buddharakkhita Life often fills…

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12/05/2015 07:00 pm

Training the Heart: Whatever we do, how do we do it with Wisdom?

Training the Heart: Whatever we do, how do we do it with Wisdom?Life was a lot simpler in the last…

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16/05/2015 01:00 pm

Buddhism in a Nutshell

 Buddhism in a Nutshell For the beginner wanting to learn more about Buddhism, sometimes it is hard to know where to…

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19/05/2015 07:00 pm

Buddhism – Changing your life and the world

 Buddhism - Changing your life and the world 19th May:  The Sacred FeminineHear inspiring stories of the lives of great women…

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02/06/2015 07:00 pm

The Buddha and His Legacy

 THE BUDDHA AND HIS LEGACYHeld in conjunction with the Buddhist Library Vesak Celebration on 20 June 2015, Tina Ng will be…

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20/06/2015 09:00 am

Combined Vesak Celebration

 VESAK CELEBRATIONA Vesak Celebration honoured by representatives from the major Buddhist TraditionsOrganised by the Buddhist Library Vesak Day is a significant…

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