Water Tank Project

In February 2005, Chairman of Buddhist Library Trustees, Paget Sayers first visited Kampot province, two hours south of Phnom Penh,Cambodia. He was saddened to see the Pagodas padlocked and falling into disrepair. Cambodiais one of the poorest countries in Asia, with probably the sweetest people who despite their hardships, seem to be always laughing.

To a large extent, as a result of the Pol Pot horror when many monks were killed, a sad number of Wats, or Pagodas as they are called, have become neglected. We need to support Cambodians and especially to help Cambodian Buddhists in their day to day lives so that the Dhamma might support and grow with them and their children.

  In any season rainy or dry, the drinking water is bad. Think about ponds that are used by animals as well as people. Now there is water, a plenty for the kids through the rainy season and beyond. Even well water in Kampot province is terrible, due in part to the fact that much of the province is at near sea level resulting in water that is not only dirty but brackish as well.
The King of Cambodia HM Norodom Sihamoni stated that nothing more was important than the education and health
of his children.
Chairman of Trustees of Buddhist Library Paget Sayers with first set of water tanks built in 2005 This must mean better health for the people. Estimated cost per school, $US2000 for construction of rain water tanks.

Thanks to those generous folks who contributed to the tank building scheme. With their generous support we have been able to build 7114 tanks as at the end of October 2014. At Aus $ 200 each, rain water tank is a great investment in children's health.


Students of a Kampot school in front of their new water tanks. We have built over 7114 tanks by the end of October, 2014.

A student filling bucket from newly built water tank in Kampot province. Children filling their bottles from class room storage bucket. Every child in our classes is provided with a water bottle. 

Our commitment to guarantee safe drinking water for the children of Kampot province does not stop after constructing rain water tanks. Every school under our project is provided with buckets (for every classroom) and every child is given a water bottle.

These huge water tanks featured in the image were once abandoned. For around $150 we relined and repaired them with new guttering resulting 30,000 litres of drinking water for entire village  Concrete rings are being built for water tanks    

We are going to keep this project going. Administration costs which are very small, are paid for by the Buddhist Library. This means that 100% of the donations are used on the project.

The kids know that they have not been forgotten by Australian Buddhists even in this small way....It will only cost Aus $200 If you want to fund one.

We need to build a lot more!

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