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DSCN1659 The Buddhist library promotes the practice of compassion through its outreach work under Buddhist Library Asia Project (BLAP). Buddhist Library Asia Project is an apex body formed in 2013 to consolidate our outreach work which will be spread across Asia in the near future. Until now, our main focus was on Cambodia through Project Cambodia that was initiated by the Buddhist library in 2005.

Project Cambodia

Cambodia is a Buddhist country whose kind and gentle people have experienced great suffering and hardship in recent years. In order to provide some of the basic needs of the school children, Project Cambodia works on providing drinking water, dental and education facilities, mostly for the schools in remote areas of Kampot, Kompong Speu and Takeo provinces. Unlike many charities where donations can be gobbled up in administration costs, 100% of donations for Project Cambodia go directly to the actual projects. The administration costs are funded by the Buddhist Library Trustees.

Click on the image on the left to watch a documentary on Project Cambodia which was first telecast on Asia Pacific Focus Programme of ABC 1 channel. Here, the Chairman of the Trustees of the Buddhist Library Sydney, Paget Sayers describes the expansion of Project Cambodia since its inception in 2005.


Our Projects

Water Tanks

This is by far Project Cambodia’s main focus, providing clean drinking water to villages. Children in these villages used to share well water with farm animals and the project funds the building of concrete water tanks in various parts of Cambodia.

A student fills the water bucket from the rain water tank

Our 1006th water tank was ceremonially opened by the Ambassador of Australia to Cambodia in 2008

By the end of October 2014, we had built over 7114  concrete water tanks. We add 100 -150 tanks a month depending on donations

All our schools have buckets in every class room. Two students are appointed as monitors to keep the buckets full.




Many Cambodian children miss out on government schooling. Project Cambodia project sets up and administers schools and educational classes, providing non-formal education in the form of skills to help Cambodian children find employment in the growing economy. Classes include computer skills, English language and sewing.

We set up well equipped computer classes in Takeo  and Kampong Speu provinces where expenses on teacher salaries are met  by the Buddhist library’s Cambodia project. Their dearest wish is to learn      to read and write. For the first time, these kids in our  non-formal class were given picture books and a teacher to learn Khmer. Imagine the delight of this new Khmer class to have coloured picture books in Khmer. They are taught for   4 hours a day. Students of non formal classes learning to read a newspaper.



Dental Clinics

Project Cambodia has a committed team of dentists, volunteer dentists and dental assistants who offer dental treatment to patients in various areas in Cambodia. This includes a mobile clinic to access to more rural areas of Cambodia.

  We have a dental clinic in Kampot and in Kompong Speu province treating over 1000 children a month.Our mobile clinic shown reaches out to outlying schools for kids with dental problems.


Latest News

To view the latest news and progress on Project Cambodia, click here.


We welcome donations to Project Cambodia.